New virtual event by the ICPO Foundation

ICPO Theranostics FAP Summit Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment and Beyond
Friday 4 & Saturday 5 November 2022

In the first event of this kind, the ICPO Foundation has assembled a world-class
scientific program and invited representatives from academia and industry
to dive deep into FAP, its history and role in biology of disease, current research
and future applications.

To be featured:

FAP History & FAP in Tumor Microenvironment

Diagnostics for Oncology and Non-Oncology

Clinical Utility & Outperformance of FAP Diagnostics

Innovation Diagnostics in Generations of FAP

Innovation in Radioligand and Non-Radioligand FAP Therapeutics

Patient Access & Regulatory Future of FAP Radiopharmaceuticals

Scientific Chair:

Prof. Dr. Frederik Giesel, MD, Director Department of Nuclear Medicine,
University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany


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